Paris la Nuit heats up your night -- mixing up jazz, gypsy, chansons, latin, tango & pop into one fantastic French-y performance.

Repertoire includes original compositions - as well as Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsborg, Gorillaz, Barbara, Guns N Roses, Benebar, Django Reinhardt, Arthur H, Jacques Brel, lePercolateur, Radiohead, Antonio Carlos Jobim and more - served up with a sultry twist of Pink Martini.

Paris la Nuit's musicians are as diverse a blend as their catalog - showcasing members from the Paris Conservatory, America's esteemed Jazz Universities, Aruba and the streets of the Windy City itself.

Paris la Nuit members include:
Marielle de Rocca-Serra: violin / vocals // Stacy McMichael: upright bass // Dan Tabion: piano // Charlie Johnson: piano // Matt Nelson: piano // Chris Siebold: guitar // Kevin Rush: guitar // Freddie Franken: guitar // Jeff Lien: drums // Ernie Adams: drums // Derek Henderson: drums


SIP (feat. Marielle) - Chicago, IL FEB 17

4000 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL

JEAN'S JAZZ SERIES (feat. Marielle) - Racine, WI FEB 18

2519 Northwestern Ave, Racine, WI


Stacy McMichaelChicago

E: paris @ stacybass.com
P: 773-354-2672